The course sess…

The course session  was very interesting as usual . We talked about the project, I’m still thinking what can I do?

I read the article ,Pernsky’s Digital Natives,Digital Immigrants . It’s really a very good choice  .

I totally agree with the author .We are teaching  our digital native students the same way we ourselves were taught with .It is amazing how their brains, not only their behaviors have changed according to Prensky .I liked the things he called our immigrant”s accent e.g.( Did you get my e_ mail? ) phone call ! Reading the article was really an aha moment to me !

I think the project could be something like a blog or a face book page ,Might be suitable to share with my students and colleagues .Maybe if it became a daily thing to post on ,give feedback,share information or anything that interests school members .I’m still thinking ….

A student again

Being a student again is really different from any other experiences; it’s challenging,

it’s frightening , it’s overwhelming and above all it brings that kind of childish

happiness and joy to my heart .

I’m really optimistic despite  all these fears, because for me being a post graduate   student,   this is a dream come true, and because of our professor who is very helpful , understanding  and encouraging .

The two things I love most in the world

Hi everybody, I’m finally blogging ….

I want to tell you about the two things I love most in the world :

Learning  and Teaching …