A student again

Being a student again is really different from any other experiences; it’s challenging,

it’s frightening , it’s overwhelming and above all it brings that kind of childish

happiness and joy to my heart .

I’m really optimistic despite  all these fears, because for me being a post graduate   student,   this is a dream come true, and because of our professor who is very helpful , understanding  and encouraging .

5 responses to “A student again

  1. Joyanne De four-Babb

    Learning brings joy to the heart! Enjoy the journey and savour the experience. Do you htink there is any link between emotion and learning?

    • Yes, I actually do .I think we feel the need to learn ,and we feel the joy of learning something new . love emotions towards our teachers when we were still in KG made us learn and we still remember our favorite teachers who were the reason we loved this or that subject .

  2. HI ! all I know from dealing with students is that if the students love their teacher, they will love the subject that he teaches and vice versa .Emotion has a huge impact on our reactions or behaviors . .

  3. Nada Yahia Dawoud

    I knew you would enjoy studying, I’m proud of you and I’m sure that these fears would be a funny thing to remember years from now…

    Keep Going, cuz I know you’ll be something great Mum =)

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