The last session was really fruitful . Dr. Joyanne gave us a book,a chapter and an article . and asked us to collect data .then write the references .She answered our questions ,checked our work , guided and helped .  I liked the process she used to get us learn how to write a reference,she also e mailed us APA REFERENCING  . Thank you Dr. Joyanne for giving us a real help in learning in every way possible . I understood we were expected to have known this but we didn’t ,and for me I had a hard time trying to figure out how to do it the right way. I’m not saying that it’s now easy, but I’m  learning . The last session was really an aha moment  ;I’m learning .

I will !! , I will not !!


Enjoy this funny video can you imagine what makes him so angry ?

See how does she insists ? may be we need this attitude to learn new technology .

Maybe it scares us because we don’t know enough about it .It is always easier to do what you are used to do.Change, sometimes needs courage.I feel that whenever I try to learn something new; and it is really an aha moment when I get to do it by my self .

I wish we had this in our schools .


This video is about integrating technology in classroom .

I hope one day we will have  this in our schools .It’s really,  a dream to see our students using technology .I wish all our teachers will be prepared for this day. Meanwhile ,we have to do our best ,because it is the teacher’s role that makes all the difference .

Ask them ..start now ..


What do students expect from you ? Have you ever asked them .

I put this quedtion on fb for my students .

I think the most important thing is to care, listen to them, respect them and accept the fact that they are different .

never stop trying

Using songs in class:
– Suggestions for different types of activities http://bit.ly/XrMC5C
– Songs and storytelling http://bit.ly/WD0XN7

This is really creative I used it in and it’s really effective . It’s amazing how little things could work in teaching you just have to do your best and let your students inspire you .

Repeating the same mistakes !!!!

Tagore_The Parrot

Reading this story written almost a hundred years ago ,I wondered are we still doing this in some education systems ??!!See how amazingly similar it is to some contemporary ways of thinking .I feel that Tagore is really great .

Education could be fun and natural !!

How amazing  ! Montessori schools .



It is amazing video ; Montessori schools ;no homework ,no tests!!

they believe that children don’t need any pressure nor pushing to learn .

I’m really confused, why do we do all this effort to push them ?If they will naturally learn and enjoy too . This really something to think about .

I liked the session very much yesterday .I got to know new things about academic  writing  . How every tiny detail matters and the order we write references Although I feel it’s a bit difficult ,I’m excited to learn it and I think it w’ll get easier through practice in shallah .We also get to discuss our projects .I Started today  telling my students about the project and I asked them to think and give me their ideas .

They liked the idea of using their mobiles to send things to a face book page for the class .I’m going to let them watch Oliver Twist next time the y are studying the story this year.


Lessons from Japan

This is another example from Japan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dBwSSC8twg&feature=youtu.be

This is amazing the students clean their school .Wow teachers spend 40% of their time discussing and sharing their experience everyday. Whenever a student do something bad outside school the police calls his teacher, instead of calling his parents !!

Having two classes with 45 students each ,I thank God that nobody calls me about them after school time .