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10 responses to “My Class

  1. This is my class, One of my students took the picture and sent it to me .
    the session last Sunday was exciting .I felt that everybody liked the video I presented .This made me happy ,
    After the video Dr,.Joyanne opened an interesting discussion about technology , and how can we be inspired from the movie .
    I liked sharing opinions with colleagues .
    In spite of the hard day I had , when I entered the class ,I relaxed and felt much much better thanks to Dr. Joyanne ,her nice words made all the difference . .

  2. elham

    Amany , your video ” the necklace ” was enjoyable .and nice photo.

  3. Joyanne De four-Babb

    Amany, I know that last class was difficult for you, but you pushed through your pain and frustration and provided us with a thought-provoking video and lesson. You made a significant contribution that stirred up a lot of discussion and reflection for all of us. The lesson that I learned, is that sometimes we have to dig deep so that we can touch other’s lives in ways that we may never know. You did that last Tuesday! Thank You!

    • Thanks Dr. Joyanne for your great words ,Yes it is really amazing how hard situations could turn out to be special ones .However this couldn’t have happened without your support .Thank you .

  4. Joyanne De four-Babb

    Lovely photo too!

  5. Mervat Abdel Fattah

    What a lovely video Amany. I think we enjoyed watching this film while we are grown up. What about the young teenagers who can watch this video and affect them greater than us .It has a deeper meaning for them, I think this film refreshes the students minds and deepen positive morals like honesty,patience,
    contentment,and satisfaction inside student’s minds and spirits.

  6. nashwa

    dear amany, your video was really inspiring for me i love the story and your photo among your students is really nice

  7. Thank you Nashwa ,I like the story myself ,I ‘m glad you liked it .

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