Repeating the same mistakes !!!!

Tagore_The Parrot

Reading this story written almost a hundred years ago ,I wondered are we still doing this in some education systems ??!!See how amazingly similar it is to some contemporary ways of thinking .I feel that Tagore is really great .

4 responses to “Repeating the same mistakes !!!!

  1. Joyanne De four-Babb

    Brilliant story! Thanks so much for sharing this, Amany! I hope it generates lots of discussions!

  2. A Fool’s Paradise. I believe that dummy education structure is much more dangerous than no education.

    • Learning is a natural behavior ,We don’t need to push it.This is the basic idea of Montessori schools.
      Children are eager to discover every thing around them ,Just give them the right environment and they will learn naturally without asking or pushing them .
      Tagore wrote this story long time ago .But you can feel it is written nowadays .

  3. Noha

    Interesting story. Thanks for sharing this.

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