Ask them ..start now ..

What do students expect from you ? Have you ever asked them .

I put this quedtion on fb for my students .

I think the most important thing is to care, listen to them, respect them and accept the fact that they are different .

never stop trying

3 responses to “Ask them ..start now ..

  1. Abdulmoneim

    What a deep question and to the point! We rarely ask such questions. I think it’s time for a change.

  2. Joyanne De four-Babb

    This is a wonderful photostory Amany. Thanks for sharing it. It’s a great reminder to us all about what we should do in our classrooms.

  3. amanymekkawy

    I think I should put myself in the learner’s place .Thinking from his/ her point of view is totally different
    Asking and getting regular feedback would help a lot .

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