I will !! , I will not !!


Enjoy this funny video can you imagine what makes him so angry ?

See how does she insists ? may be we need this attitude to learn new technology .

Maybe it scares us because we don’t know enough about it .It is always easier to do what you are used to do.Change, sometimes needs courage.I feel that whenever I try to learn something new; and it is really an aha moment when I get to do it by my self .

6 responses to “I will !! , I will not !!

  1. Joyanne De four-Babb

    Digital immigrant teacher with good ‘digital accent’: “I’m will marry you technology with my teaching.” Digital immigrant teacher with poor ‘digital accent: “No! No! I don’t want to marry you!”

  2. amanymekkawy

    Yes !! I like your comment Dr. Joyanne .

  3. elham

    Again Dr.Joyanne related the video segment with technology .You are amazing !!!

  4. A very funny video. I think the boy is crying because he is on the punishment chair. I don’t know what will happen when they grow up and see this video especially the girl who insists on marrying some who doesn’t want to marry her.

  5. persistence is the key to success.

  6. amanymekkawy

    Do you think we need her persistence to learn technology ?

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