The last session was really fruitful . Dr. Joyanne gave us a book,a chapter and an article . and asked us to collect data .then write the references .She answered our questions ,checked our work , guided and helped .  I liked the process she used to get us learn how to write a reference,she also e mailed us APA REFERENCING  . Thank you Dr. Joyanne for giving us a real help in learning in every way possible . I understood we were expected to have known this but we didn’t ,and for me I had a hard time trying to figure out how to do it the right way. I’m not saying that it’s now easy, but I’m  learning . The last session was really an aha moment  ;I’m learning .

3 responses to “Learning LEARNING LEARNING

  1. yes it was. I have this felling of aha I am learning fro the first day of our course.

  2. Joyanne De four-Babb

    Amany, I am so pleased to know that you feel that you are learning in this course. I can tell that you are very excited and you have shared that excitement through your blogs. Your video choices are wonderful and the stories are meaningful. Thanks for sharing them with us! All the best.

  3. Thank you Dr. Joyanne .You really inspire me ,and I feel like you opened a whole new world in front of me .

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