Something I am passionate about

This is my one minute movie .Something I am passionate about .It is about ancient Egypt .

How great and outstanding it is .I can not help falling in love with it .

I am really excited that I have been able not only to make this movie, but also to be able to upload it on utube .I really did it !

I feel really happy to day I got the good news about our projects from Dr.Joyanne through the  e_ mail and from some of our colleagues ,

I could upload my first video on utube ,and I got my lab results today thank God there were no signs of malignancy .

We  are reaching the end of our first course in this diploma ,I feel like it was yesterday, when we started our first session  .We had really great time .

Teaching Arabic using Technology

The last session we discussed what we did the session before ,It was very exciting ;We were divided into two groups .and we had to figure out how to teach Arabic to Dr. Joyanne .We made a ppt. with sound .It was an aha moment to me ;It was my first time not only to teach Arabic but also to teach it to a non native speaker  and to teach using only technology,as this ppt. would be uploaded and Dr. Joyanne would be able to access to it any time .

Working as a team was really an educating  experience and enjoyable too .We decided to choose the words that are likely to be used daily;Greetings,asking for food and drink .We added English letters as away to show how to pronounce the Arabic words .

When we talked about it. it was even more fun to share our impressions  and ideas. I felt that the whole course was really so exciting and full of aha moments .I feel that I have learned a lot through this time ,and the most interesting thing is that we learned these things ourselves .Dr. Joyanne guided ,encouraged , followed ,and helped when needed .but she insisted that we do everything ourselves . Remembering how I felt the first time I heard the ten technological assignments ;terms like podcast ,blog and getting to write academic writings and learn how to write the references ,I hope I will be better .I’d like to thank Dr.Joyanne  for everything mostly for keeping the class environment so friendly,funny,no stress at all and for helping us every way she could and for smiling all the time  I’d like to thank my colleagues,  they are all special persons .