Something I am passionate about

This is my one minute movie .Something I am passionate about .It is about ancient Egypt .

How great and outstanding it is .I can not help falling in love with it .

I am really excited that I have been able not only to make this movie, but also to be able to upload it on utube .I really did it !

I feel really happy to day I got the good news about our projects from Dr.Joyanne through the  e_ mail and from some of our colleagues ,

I could upload my first video on utube ,and I got my lab results today thank God there were no signs of malignancy .

We  are reaching the end of our first course in this diploma ,I feel like it was yesterday, when we started our first session  .We had really great time .


11 responses to “Something I am passionate about

  1. Joyanne De four-Babb

    Amany, I am so relieved to hear that all is well. Please make sure and rest. I am looking forward to the next class and I do agree, it all went so quickly. I hope that you will be able to join us.

  2. Bassant Mortada

    When you start to talk about Ancient Egypt I got a feeling of how we were and how those people were developed in every science and life field. We now study their science and we still discover how they were. I still can’t imagine if they were really exist or not; specially when I’m looking to our today’s situation. I’m amazed when I saw their drawing that they used to document their knowledge as if they were teaching student on the whale of their temples. I wished to continue what they started rather than being in mess waiting for others to rescue us.

  3. riham

    I agree with you both Amany &Basant,we were great and feel sorrow too that i have to use”were” God helps Egypt to come over all of this.You are right Amany course went so fast I really enjoyed it alot .Wish to continue the wjole courses with you all *_*

  4. elham

    Good idea ! The ancient Egyptians is a fantastic subject .

  5. Abdul-moneim

    wonderful video and really interesting specially as it is talking about one of our great treasures.

  6. Mervat Abdel Fattah

    Fantastic video Amany. It is a good idea to think of the great treasures of the ancient Egyptians. These important remains remind us with our historical heritage which we should admire and be proud of.They should also be the guide which illuminate our dark paths when we got in this chaotic wold.

  7. You chose one of the important subjects in our life today Amany. We need to learn from our ancestors a lot to be able to continue in life among the developed countries as our ancient Egyptians “WERE”. It`s a fantastic work.

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