My blog

Reaching the end of this course , I feel I have started to learn more about the digital natives ‘language of course with the accent of  immigrants .

When Dr. Joyanne asked us to blog ,I felt Oh,my God what! .. It was my first time to hear about it .When I did it I felt  thrilled , I gave it a title ,I like so much .

Posting on my blog ,made me feel connected with Dr. Joyanne and my colleagues and gave me a space of my own .I feel that I love my blog and I think that it helped me to express myself  regularly .Receiving comments from everybody especially Dr. Joyanne   arose ideas  .  I always felt a prompt  response from  Dr, Joyanne to what we wrote  on our blogs .

The course was really great .I’m thinking of posting on my blog even after the course and keep in touch with everybody .