Technology in classroom

I like to use technology in my classroom, because It attracts my students to the lesson.  It helps me presenting new vocabulary and topics and it saves time.   

There are no limits, I can use materials from all over the world .no matter how recent or ancient they are.

 Using technology, I feel that I’m speaking the same language my student speaks and that I’m closer to their way of thinking.

Introducing a movie or parts of it e.g. King Lear or a power point presentation about countable and uncountable nouns, a topic about the environment or the culture and festivals of a foreign country differs a lot from just introducing the text.

Finally I like to use technology because it is the only way to be in touch with the world.

this site can help you find materials for your lessons .




I am learning to take and give FEEDBACK

I think it takes a lot of work to take feedback ,and a lot of practice to give it.

But it is worthy , because it would help us to improve and do better .

I like this article .I am learning from it .