Online learning

Reading both Dr. Maha’s articles About Coursera, I came to realize that teachers would benefit from coursera because

It’s a chance to observe other teachers which I believe to be an excellent way to learn .

Teachers get to see things from the learners point of view which is an educating experience .

Teachers get to learn about on line learning .

The discussion after the sessions between participants from all over the world is really inspiring .(Bali, 2013)

These courses reach you at your home and you can find the subject that interests you .

It’s free.

It conveys lectures from well known universities .

On the other hand they are in English so not everyone can benefit from them.(they are planing to use translation)

They are given snapshots ;so maybe if you expect something deeper,they won’t meet your expectations.

You will not be given a certificate of achievements if you’re expecting one .

Maybe studying on line  is not something to depend on in our countries regarding the net and electricity problems.

Maybe introducing these universities is a kind of publicity more than anything else.(Bali,2013)

Still I think it is an enriching experience ;online learning is growing and we have to find our way to it .

Khan Academy is concerned with mathematics and provides free online learning . It gives something like a placement test in the beginning and no one moves to the next level til he is perfect in the present one.The courses are personalized to suit every learners needs(longer,easier..)Isn’t it gorgeous that only one person started it.

Tahrir Academy also provides free online learning .Egyptian youth volunteer to produce it .It addresses learners  till the age of 18.I like the idea very much I even think to participate in it .

I’ve already learned something one person can make a difference yet a group of enthusiastic people even better.

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professional development. MOOC News and Reviews.

• Bali, M. (2013b, July 19). Will the latest generation of online courses help the Arab world? Al-Fanar.

Equal is not fair !

Equal doesn’t necessarily means fair;for there are many aspects to be considered ;such as multiple intelligence,social,cultural and financial elements .According to these elements the same message could be received differently.

Last session Dr. Maha presented this discussion through a game;in which each of us pretended to be another person,and answered questions about what s/he assumed that person’s life would be. I liked it ,Isn’t it amazing how much you could learn about the same thing seeing it from different perspectives.

Maha and Valantina introduced Twitter I didn’t have an account on it,well now I do ! Looking forward to  to learning more about using it in education .

Starting my new course 506,  I wish  you a happy course . I ‘m happy to see Dr.Maha  and my colleagues  again .

     Feeling that we’re approaching the end of our Diploma, I wish not only to come with creative ways to apply what we’ve learnt, but to start thinking about the next step .Maha asked us to think about our short and long term learning aims .I think I wish to learn more about technology and about applying it in our public schools and about HR .I wish to know more information sources to help me in teaching English .

As for long term goals ,I wish I can get a scholarship for a master degree in teaching English as a second language ,learn another language and have a degree in HR .

happy new course everybody

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