Starting my new course 506,  I wish  you a happy course . I ‘m happy to see Dr.Maha  and my colleagues  again .

     Feeling that we’re approaching the end of our Diploma, I wish not only to come with creative ways to apply what we’ve learnt, but to start thinking about the next step .Maha asked us to think about our short and long term learning aims .I think I wish to learn more about technology and about applying it in our public schools and about HR .I wish to know more information sources to help me in teaching English .

As for long term goals ,I wish I can get a scholarship for a master degree in teaching English as a second language ,learn another language and have a degree in HR .

happy new course everybody

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  1. hi Amani, I am seeing a theme of difficult applying what has been learned in your real-life teaching. This is a very important point, so let;s discuss it in detail next week. You gave me an idea for a short reading for you guys to do before our next class 🙂

  2. riham

    Hi Amany happy course to you too my friend *_* time is running and finally we are about to finish ISA.I agree with you about the scholarship about the master degree hope we all can have it also HR issues are very important for teachers because they are the responsibles of making any human so they should be able to make the resurces from them right?

  3. elhamnasser

    Hi Amani, we have the same issue of finding out the best way to integrate what we learnt in our classes .i hope you achieve your goals.

  4. Mervat Abdel Fattah

    Hi Amany, I have the same aspiration of applying most of what we learnt in our schools and finally come with something creative. I have the pleasure to continue studying as I got used to studying and thinking as a student .We all know that learning is an endless process.

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