Large Classes


Teaching large classes is a challenge,I face this challenge everyday as a teacher in a public secondary school.It’s hard for me to move around the class the way I wish .It’s hard to get my students to work in groups or switch places not to mention getting every student to share.  Unfortunately,  most courses and imported foreign educational strategies do not address this issue.Last year, I attended a very interesting workshop about this topic in the British council,I’ve learned some ideas ,but I still feel I need to learn more ,I ‘m inviting everybody to share their experience and ideas.

learning and flowers

         last session was fun ,Dr Maha introduced us to Padlet with a comparison between education.and diet, then she gave us flowers and asked us to compare flowers to education.It was fun ,and we came with things we didn’t think of them before besides ,It was my first time to know Padlet .Maha I have something to add to that comparison I like flowers and who gives it to me as I like learning and the person who teachs me ,here it happens to be you in both situations .Thank you for making learning fun .  

       i’m trying to finish my version of the survey of our project to discuss it with my colleagues . I keep hoping that we can do something like Khan Academy in a smaller way .Wish us luck


Our Project; A website for English teachers !

 I got really exited thinking about Khan Academy and Tahrir Academy ;how they started and how much they’ve accomplished ,and how amazing that a work started by one or two people asking for volunteers could grew to be so inspiring; that my colleagues in the diploma and I thought this should be our project; a web for English teachers that could grew to be like these two.

Encouraged and guided by our instructor Dr Maha  ;We’re trying to compose a survey to analyse; who are our audience? they could be the English teachers in Egypt or anybody who may be concerned with teaching English as  a second language. what do they expect?What might interest them?Would they like to share their experience?information?Challenges they’ve met/overcame?

I started by asking myself as an Egyptian English teacher dealing with public school students/curriculum, learning at the AUC and trying to cop with the rapidly changing digital world.What would interest me on a web.I think I need low cost simple,doable effective ideas/games, for my classroom .I wish to find tutorial videos for me and others to show my students, and useful links about relevant subjects methodology psychology….maybe a space to comment,

I wish to find something to help me with my professional development ,(events/scholarships/websites)

A way to share with other teachers …………….and I need all these stuff to be easy to reach .

these were my first thoughts I’m discussing it with my school colleagues and I need to know what do you think  would interest you in such a website…………..?