learning and flowers

         last session was fun ,Dr Maha introduced us to Padlet with a comparison between education.and diet, then she gave us flowers and asked us to compare flowers to education.It was fun ,and we came with things we didn’t think of them before besides ,It was my first time to know Padlet .Maha I have something to add to that comparison I like flowers and who gives it to me as I like learning and the person who teachs me ,here it happens to be you in both situations .Thank you for making learning fun .  

       i’m trying to finish my version of the survey of our project to discuss it with my colleagues . I keep hoping that we can do something like Khan Academy in a smaller way .Wish us luck



One response to “learning and flowers

  1. Hi Amany, I just saw this post now… Glad you enjoyed that class session, I did, too! I love flowers very much myself: giving and receiving them, and just seeing them anywhere, so I enjoyed giving them and discussing them in class

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