Choosing a Site to Build My Website ! !

I have one course to go to finish my Educator’s Diploma in the AUC. I’m now doing a project with my colleagues  which is a website for teachers. We were inspired to do it after reading about and navigating  khan academy and Tahrir academy and how that a person or a few persons started them and how that people volunteer to help and share .

So we decided to make a website for teachers to share information and experience  .

Our instructor Dr. Maha asked us to design a survey for teachers .then we discussed the results and what we wish to include in our website .

Then we were asked to try efferent sites to choose the one we prefer .

I tried those sites Wix, Google site ,Weebly and wordpress

They are all free, easy to start , and  they all offer tutorial videos .

I started with Wix but it didn’t allow me to set an address without my email showing in it e.g., besides I felt it’s a bit hard to change its  appearance, may be due to my little experience

Any way I ought to use as much as I can before choosing one so I tried Google Sites which have many benefits such as being supported by Google seacrh engine ,apps,linked to Google drive and clouds .I came to realize these benefits not only through personal experience but I also Googled them.Using Google sites were easy in many things except changing the look e.g.I chose a template and I tried to change it but no way.

So I used Weebly which was nice and cheering after Google’s ,but I had to do everything myself ;I had to add a search box,a like box,a comment box………

but editing and adding pages were very easy also a contact us form was easy to add .

I finally decided to use WordPress It’s has a nice appearance easy to handle and it is the only one I was able to add my partners as admins

To evaluate this experience ,which was somewhat tiring

especially because I had an eye problem during it ,I felt that I’m learning through doing and sometimes I was really frustrated  ,Starting all over again was not that easy for a digital immigrant!

I made an email to contact through it with our followers to be ,and also to over come the problem of its showing on the blog address if we chose weebly .It is  four , which matches our website’s address .(the one we agreed on)

I also searched on Google/wiki for(how to do) everything and I found really useful articles with pictures and videos showing how to add a sub-page or how to edit your home page which really was difficult to do in WordPress .I even searched for why I should /shouldn’t use e.g. Google Sites.

The things that helped me were

the discussions we had with Dr. Maha our instructor and her instructions and continuous help and feedback on every step.

Valentina’s help rescuing us  with prompt technological advice.

The discussions between my partners and I .checking their work reading their reflections .

Finally,Dr Maha’s insisting that we should try and search ourselves as a learning process ,though it is hard ,but it pays off .

I don’t want any one to get me wrong I’m not saying That we are having the perfect website Or that I’ve reached something unique .All I’m saying is I have had a real learning experience and that I appreciate it .

We still have a lot to do I only made a skeleton ,besides we have not touched the content yet  ,But at least we all agreed on using WordPress .

These sites /articles/ppt. were really useful to me


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WordPress › Support » How do I add multiple admins?

10 Reasons Why We Should Use Google Sites


One response to “Choosing a Site to Build My Website ! !

  1. Dear Amany, thanks for this post. This is what I have been hoping would happen … That you would go through a difficult learning curve and reflect on it.

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