Education could be fun and natural !!

How amazing  ! Montessori schools .

It is amazing video ; Montessori schools ;no homework ,no tests!!

they believe that children don’t need any pressure nor pushing to learn .

I’m really confused, why do we do all this effort to push them ?If they will naturally learn and enjoy too . This really something to think about .

5 responses to “Education could be fun and natural !!

  1. Better than thousand years of study, is one day with a great teacher. But how can get them?
    I think it’s a matter of believing in the power of education.

  2. Abdulmoneim

    We should believe more in the teachers’ abilities to improve the education systems with the help of every single individual in the society. Education is an issue that needs more than just schools, books and teachers.

  3. I agree with you , Education is the real investment .

  4. Joyanne De four-Babb

    These are three very interesting videos. They are very useful for us to begin to think about the differences in expectations for teachers. Thanks for sharing!

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