Equal is not fair !

Equal doesn’t necessarily means fair;for there are many aspects to be considered ;such as multiple intelligence,social,cultural and financial elements .According to these elements the same message could be received differently.

Last session Dr. Maha presented this discussion through a game;in which each of us pretended to be another person,and answered questions about what s/he assumed that person’s life would be. I liked it ,Isn’t it amazing how much you could learn about the same thing seeing it from different perspectives.

Maha and Valantina introduced Twitter I didn’t have an account on it,well now I do ! Looking forward to  to learning more about using it in education .

One response to “Equal is not fair !

  1. in my opinion, really the right definition for equality is to give each one what he needs not to give all people the same. Allah create us different in characteristics.

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